The Heart of Healing: The Healer’s Journey

Pandemic episode #50, Paul Lasher, 8/17/21

August 19, 2021

Our guest, Paul Lasher is a teacher, a truly essential worker during this pandemic and beyond! Paul has been teaching a combination of 5th and 6th grades for the past 21 years. Paul tells us, "As a way to bring some normalcy to myself and my students I decided to do some weekly trivia questions and challenges for my students. My hope was that through humor and a fun task each day,i t would help my students through this very trying time. I dressed up in various costumes to ask questions in character. I also reached out to various athlete, public officials and other celebrities to ask questions as well. If 80% of the students answered the questions correctly, I would do a challenge each Friday by way of YouTubeLive. He  added, "To my surprise, it not only helped many of the students, it also helped with my mental health as well".

Paul can be reached at:   YouTubeLive-Paul Lasher.

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