The Heart of Healing: The Healer’s Journey

Pandemic Episode#43 Stephani Diimopoulos6/29/21

July 1, 2021

Our guest, Stephani Dimopoulos is an educator, an Art teacher and the founder of Dimos Intuitive Arts,Inc. She tells us, " Who we are is a collective group of individuals who all come from different aspects of the wellness industry.We subscribe to the idea, that which I  imagine will create and manifest. We believe deeply in, "Cultivating Individual Potential Through Experience"  "I come from recognizing the healing power of intuitive painting and spirit painting as well as Reflective Journaling, Yoga and Ayurveda". They are pleased to be able to offer an in-person summer workshop this July 25th-29th at the Lifebridge Sanctuary in Rosedale, N.Y.

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