The Heart of Healing: The Healer’s Journey

PanPod#26 Harley Breite

February 25, 2021

Meet the delightful Harley Breite, a successful criminal defense attorney who devotes a large portion of his life and energy to Harley's Kids. This is a charity which he started 25 years ago to,"improve the lives of the mentally and  physically challenged". Harley explains," we have parties every 2 months with75 pizzas,live DJs, two amazing Ballon Experts...we have dancing all night...special guests come and sign autographs and take pictures with the kids". During the pandemic the parties have been on zoom and Harley has helped in other ways. He tells us,"I personally bought and delivered to the group homes, 900 lbs of steak,hamburger and chicken as well as cases of water and paper towels" 

Harley can be reached at :

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